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530300_100761483432302_1242668260_n[2]The author has written more than 200 books, fiction and non-fiction, for both children and adults in a long and varied career. He has applied his interest in sports, music and history to his writing whenever possible, having written biographies of such diverse figures as Magic Johnson, Bill Parcells, Michael Jordan, jazz great Duke Ellington and former President Andrew Jackson, to name just a few. He has also written a number of sports histories and has interviewed many professional athletes who performed from the 1920’s through the 1980’s.

Murder on Murderer’s Row grew out of these same interests, as well as the desire to create memorable fictional characters and then combine them with real people of the period. While the author once wrote an alternative sports history with one chapter speculating on what would have happened if Babe Ruth had not been sold to the Yankees but remained with the Boston Red Sox for his entire career, he is now able to make the Babe a leading character in his novel, one who plays an integral part in the story from beginning to end. This book represents a culmination of many elements coming together — things learned, things remembered and things created. It’s something the author loves to do.

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